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Business Plan

ECOCON Group is located in the United Arab Emirates.

ECOCON Group has developed a new construction system for affordable housing programs.

ECOCON lightweight cellular concrete and ECOCON Construction System are fundamental elements of ECOCON Technology.
ECOCON name is joined into one word from ECOlogical CONcrete and ECOlogical CONstruction.

ECOCON Group is seeking expanding locally and globally.

ECOCON Group is the consortium of Companies, driven by highly experienced professionals and talented enthusiasts who have ambitious targets based on advanced practical business intelligence and clear thinking.

Presently affordable housing for financially challenged people is a crucial problem all over the world. The population is growing fast especially in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. Military conflicts blight the houses of millions of people, forcing them to seek asylum from persecution and taking refuge. Global climate changes, deficit in energy and natural resources - these are only a few of many problems mankind faces while trying to deliver a higher standard living to poor people.

Today it is obvious that available construction methods hardly help to address modern challenges, therefore somebody should come up with a nice strategy of bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to construction practices and scrap red tape, old-fashioned attitude and unfair competition which can be traced In construction industry.

We know the blueprint to face those challenges because our high-end equipment combined with our cutting-edge Construction System makes eco-home dream become reality. Eco-building involves more than technical changes to construction; it involves cultural shifts in how we consider our houses and homes.

ECOCON name is joined into one word from ECOlogical CONcrete and ECOlogical CONstruction. We believe that ECOCON lightweight cellular concrete and ECOCON Construction System will revolutionize the construction industry and bring value to all those encouraging it.

We are located in the United Arab Emirates but we don't recognize borders and appreciate interest from companies and individuals who want to join us and become ECOCON partners in all countries and regions where the time for change has come.


Exhibition Participations

‘Big 5’, the biggest construction exhibition in The Middle East, is held in Dubai World Trade Centre in November 25-28, 2013.

ECOCON Group has the best opportunity to showcase its new non-autoclave lightweight cellular concrete (Nanocrete) Production.

Technology and Construction Technology associated with it, describe its service, and most importantly build relationship with potential customers or partners from all over the world!

Visitors are welcome to view some unique exhibits at the PMV stand and acquire information about the new ECOCON Construction.

System of sustainable, simpler and faster building!