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ECOCON group of companies offers a number of partnership models and ways of its Construction Technology integration. With the necessary facilities ECOCON can independently erect buildings for its partners and customers using its own equipment and Technology. We express our appreciation for those showing interest and wishing to start up and develop business using pre-fabricated steel construction technology.

At the initial stage we suggest that the developer purchases walls panels and Nanocrete (lightweight cellular concrete dry mix) for conducting construction works independently. We offer special equipment for filling walls and roof slabs with Nanocrete. The set of equipment is activation-type mixer with volume 1 m3 and the peristaltic pump moving the mixture upwards. The volume and capacity are arranged as per mixing&moving non-stop mode.

Description Value Notes
Unit Capacity, m3\h 7  
Consumed Power, kw 10  
Weight, kg 900 No split-trail carriage
Pumping Head, m 30  
Pumping Distance, m 200  


List of equipment:
Activation-type mixer – 2 pcs
Peristaltic pump – 1 pc
Metal Frame – 1 pc
Hose Kit – 1 pc

Mixing unit can be set on your light vehicle trailer (for suchlike customized solutions please free to contact our marketing team representatives).

For companies wishing themselves to turn Nanocrete into a profitable enterprise ECOCON offers casting floor equipment for wall panels filling and blocks production using ECOCON dry mix delivered directly from ECOCON factories at low prices. The casting floor package gives an opportunity to make wall panels and various size blocks using ECOCON Technology. The floor capacity is 50-80 of m3 per day (depending on the sizes of the produces items). You are kindly asked to have a look at the casting floor detailed specifications at the website ‘Offers’ section or contact our marketing team for further inquiries.

Description Specifications Q-ty
1 Hopper 3 cubic meters volume; material – steel, ball-formed, outlet hole not less than 300 mm; 1
2 Vertical Conveyor Height =12m; 20 tons per hour; maintenance platform 1
3 Screw Conveyor Length = 800 mm; Diameter = 300 mm; close winding; the mixture volume at each sector should be not more than 1 kg 1
4 Jumbo bags Unloader Capacity = 20 ton per hour, electrical jumbo bags lifter, transfer to vertical conveyor via screw conveyor  
5 Moulds Drawings are provided 50
6 Weight Batch Hopper Volume = 300 – 800 kg; material – steel, ball-formed, outlet hole not less than 300 mm; rotary shutter with electrical drive; three strain sensors; adjustable weight controller. 1
7 Transmitting Pipe Diameter = 300 mm; soft material 1
8 Activation-type Mixer RPM = 600-800; volume = 1.5 cubic meters; top engine location; 300 mm outlet hole; rotary hermetic shutter for liquids and abrasive substances with electrical drive; revision hatch on top of the mixer; possibility of fast and easy lifting of engine with shaft. 1
9 Water Dosator Volume = 300 l; heating to 40°С; dosing accuracy 1 l; water-measuring unit; outside pipe with ruler 1
10 Load-bearing steel structure Platforms on each level with gratings, handrails; stars with handrails; working place for operator and control unit. 1
11 Blocks Cutting Machine ‘РИФ’ Belt-saw cutting, capacity 50-80 m3 per day 1


Yet we have another offer for those wishing to invest in full cycle production project. This partnership model implies production and construction technologies transfer along with making up a set of equipment, the factory start-up, commissioning and complete technology consulting, fully-automated production of a lightweight cellular concrete dry mix and panels for permanent formwork, as well as some types of dry mix mortars to top the list of essential construction materials. Reliable, high-end machinery and equipment, compliance with technical regulations, certified construction system drive cost related risks to zero. Output capacity, list of equipment, automation level are tailored. You can have a look at business efficiency ratio at our website in Business Plan section.

You can send an inquiry to ECOCON marketing team and they will attend to you shortly!