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1. What is the difference between non-autoclave lightweight cellular concrete (Nanocrete) and autoclave concrete?

Visually, if you don’t have expertise in this field, they look exactly the same to you. Both materials have the same structure, weight and strength properties. The difference is the components themselves used in production method.

A binding component of lime is used in autoclave concrete production, which is unable to provide you a nice hardening rate and sound strength all of which entails extortionate costs on additional equipment, energy and labor. Despite all these overheads on making up for characteristics of durability, water absorption, eco-friendliness, non-autoclave concrete beats autoclave in terms of acquiring exclusive strength properties without using any additional equipment and energy resources.

2. Why is it non-autoclave lightweight cellular concrete (Nanocrete) that is applied in ECOCON Construction System?

There are several reasons. The main reason is that ECOCON non-autoclave lightweight cellular concrete hardens in common natural conditions, so it can be used in-situ conditions as monolithic concrete. Autoclave concrete can also be used but just in the form of precast separate items: blocks, bonding strips. Another reason is eco-friendliness. ECOCON Nanocrete is not hazardous for human health and the environment, as opposed to autoclave concrete essentially consisting of carbonate materials. Lime when affected by a higher temperature and humidity has a negative impact on human respiratory system.

3. Why, with such a wide range of construction systems and techniques available in the construction market, does ECOCON use frame building system with Nanocrete? What are the advantages?

The main advantages of ECOCON technology are:

A. A High speed of construction, which is achieved by using prefabricated metal frame and formwork panels. Build tolerance is not more than two mm in the whole of the building, marking procedure of the structure elements is very convenient, ease of assembly, all of that makes framework assembly less time-consuming, special training for the staff is not required. Using ECOCON advanced equipment cavities filling in monolithic concrete structures can be done quickly and with a high output capacity.

B. Eco-friendly design, using non-hazardous components. Acceptable vapor permeability, together with thermo-resistance creates a healthy atmosphere in the building for comfortable living.

4. Suppose I am your Customer, how shall I benefit from using ECOCON Technology?

There is a number of advantages of ECOCON Construction System, as a fast construction technology, for Developers/Civil Engineers:

  • High speed of construction
  • No requirement for employing masons and plasterers
  • The minimum quantity of special machinery and mechanisms is required
  • A Small range of materials
5. What are the backsides of ECOCON Technology?

Any technology, including ours, has some negative aspects about it, but all of them are caused by violating of a clearly laid-out regulations and procedures.

6. What equipment does one need to use the technology effectively?

Using ECOCON technology one doesn’t need a big kit of tools. To assemble the metal frame, using electric screwdrivers is quite enough as frame has been prefabricated and there’s no need to adjust sizes or drill holes.

As for working with ECOCON panels, using the same screwdrivers and an electric mixer for mixing glue is required only. To fill the walls and floors slabs there’s only need for a mixer with a pump. All non-standard equipment can be purchased from ECOCON, or get free blueprints for self-production.

7. I want to build a house applying your technology, what shall I do first?

Clicking ‘Contact Us’ link at our website you’ll be able to reach our marketing team who will provide you with all the necessary information and a construction routing as per ECOCON Technology standards.

8. How do I make out what materials quantity I need to build a house using ECOCON Technology?

Themselves with a project at home, you need to contact the managers of the company, which will consider all the necessary materials for the construction of

9. What companies can execute the project based on your technology?

There are several options for that. You can have a look at some completed projects drawings in our office and select from them or entrust us with the designing, giving us your Technical Requirements info and get contact details of Engineering consulting companies you could send your enquiries to in our office.

10. Where can I calculate the cost of ECOCON materials?

Our professional marketing team will assist you with that. You’re welcome to contact us (see our contact details at our website home page).

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